Irreversible climate change is here
Earth’s hottest years: 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2021 

Global Warming A Big Worry

Heatwaves are the number one natural disaster-related cause of death.

Polar Bears population is expected to plummet to 9000 from 26000 in the years to come

Global warming will cause a mini-ice age

Thinning glaciers of Himalayan Range-A big concern about the Meltdown.

The Arctic could be ice-free by 2040

Naked mountains with no greenery of dense trees or snow laden tops.

Alps Mountain glacier

Global glaciers shedding tons of ice annually

The US National Park is only left with 26 glaciers out of 150

Marmolada glacier

China is the top CO2-producing country, followed by the US

Approx 250,000 people are likely to lose their lives in the next 3 decades

Global Warming isn’t just about the warmer temperature.Industrial waste and toxic output also.

The world has seen maximum rise of CO2 in 800,000 years

Save our planet from the toxic waste and plastic use.

The flora and fauna is to extinct by 2050

Has the Climate Change Taken Out the Life from Wildlife?

Elevated temperature affects the vegetative growth of olive trees

Climate change can make half of the existing species extinct

Droughts & Water Scarcity due to global warming have caused the death of Millions   

Global Warming Has Turned the Jungle Foliage into Junk Food

In 2050, sea levels will rise by a foot   

CO2 Emission from Burning Gasoline from Transports

Methane Emissions from Animals and Agriculture

Deforestation is Another cause of Global Warming

Increase in Use of Chemical Fertilizers on Croplands

Simple things we can do to stop global warming – like switching to renewable energy, recycling more, and planting trees.