Upslope advance of forest fires Forest fires have been advancing upslope across the western United States in recent decades.


California wildfire: Dozens airlifted from Sierra National Forest

150 million dead trees could fuel unprecedented firestorms in the Sierra Nevada

The 2021 Dixie Fire, California

The Yellowstone Fires.-1988

The 1871 Great Michigan Fire

The 2020 Bay Area Fire, California

2004 Alaska Fire Season

Bootleg Fire, Oregon

Snake River Complex Fire, Idaho

Tamarack Fire, Nevada

McKinney Fire Becomes California’s Largest of 2022

Cow Canyon Fire, August 3, 2022. Washington Two wildfires are burning in Ellensburg, Washington area

Hog Trough Fire Wildfire Montana, USA

Windigo Fire Wildfire Oregon, USA

Dixie fire as recorded from satellite. In total, the Dixie fire burned for more than 100 days, including more than a month of fire activity after the perimeter was contained 

The Tubbs Fire that broke out in October of 2017 and devastated parts of Santa Rosa was caused by a homeowner's electrical equipment.

Camp Fire - 2018 California Wildfires

Flags on Arizona state buildings lowered to honor deaths of 19 firefighters in Yarnell fire

The Cloquet forest fire in northern Minnesota in October 1918. In total, 453 people died and 52,000 people were injured and $73 million ($1.315 billion in 2022 US dollars) loss in property suffered.